Frequently Asked Questions

Some answers to a few common questions

Do I need planning permission?

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Sometimes. If you would like the roof to be taller than 2.5m, if the total floor area is greater than 30 square metres or if the building takes up more than 50% of the land around the original house, then we will need to make an application. The rules do vary slightly between each local authority so each scenario needs to be assessed individually. We will guide you through this process.

Do I need building control sign off?

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Not usually. Common exceptions to this are if the building is over 30 square metres, if it will incorporate a WC, or if it will contain sleeping accommodation. Again we will be able to advise based on each scenario and specification.

How long does the process take?

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Most of our buildings take between 3 and 4 weeks to complete. This will depend on the size of the building, the complexity of the finish, and the severity of the weather.

Can I incorporate a WC or bathroom?

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Whilst this is usually technically possible, it will in all cases require building control approval and in some cases depending on the local authority also require planning permission. Ideally a toilet or bathroom will be connected to the mains water and sewerage system which can involve some groundworks and disruption to the surrounding garden. Where this is not a possible a dry eco-toilet is a potential solution.

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